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Plating Process

Plastic Parts

Mold repairing: The Mold is the quality origin of plastic injection molded parts. We have a mold department that designs and repairs our molds. We maintain our injection molds regularly to increase mold life, and to maintain stable product quality.
Automatic equipment: To satisfy our customer’s need for diversified product, we introduced modern computer control and an automatic material feeding system. This prevents over heating and controls the material mixture. Furthermore, CIVICA has implemented robots to increase production efficiency and maintain stable quality. This allows us to further reduce production cost and improve cost effectiveness.

machine photoComplete equipment: To satisfy our customer’s need for diversified product, we have Mold Heaters, Hot Runner Controllers, Dehumidifying Dryers, and High Frequency Machines. CIVICA is 100% certain we can satisfy our customer’s demands for quality of injection products.

Green FloorProduct scope: Currently the plastic parts we supply to our customers include automobile parts, electronic parts, electric appliance parts and others.
Food Container: To expand product diversity, G TESTwe invested in CIVICA SIAM to introduce modern all electric high speed injection machines. This automatic equipment is exclusively used for the production of food containers, and has been certified by ISO 9001 and Thia HACCP (Thai Industrial Standard Institute). It provides product of the highest quality and lowest cost, for domestic and foreign customers.
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